About Dispatch Healthcare International Logistics (DHI-L)

In the past few years, DHI management team has adopted new age technologies

Dispatch Healthcare International Logistics (DHI-L) is a dynamic and innovative healthcare logistics company with specialized fleets for last mile distribution of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals {cold and non-cold chain commodities), laboratory commodities & consumables, Vehicle rental services for health related projects and providing supply chain management solutions throughout the country for a diverse range of clients.


Individual Programs


Quarantine Beds


Rescue Meals

Our Operations and Partners

DHI Logistics Partners with NGOs, public health and private health sectors to carry out Medical equipment transportation, Long Haul distribution, Last Mile distribution of pharmaceuticals {cold and non-cold chain commodities), Laboratory commodities, Consumable distribution, Sample transport, Insecticide treated nets/LLIN distribution, Car hire and ERP technology services.

DHI Logistics provides capable trucks from 2ton to 40 ton to execute and accomplish any activity.

Improving lives, today and tomorrow

Our primary objectives is moving health forward, to promote total quality management, to maintain our success through steady investments in our service expansions. Our goal is to promote logistics healthcare, safety and environmental policy throughout our organization. Our aim is to be the best customer service team in our profession. We strive to develop and maintain a first-class infrastructure to ensure employee satisfaction, which drives customer loyalty leading to sustained profit growth and creating improved company value.

We also ensure healthcare commodities reaches everyone irrespective of the challenges posed by distance and bad road network.

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