About Dispatch Healthcare

In the past few years, DHI management team has adopted new age technologies

To improve operational efficiency with the help of cloud-based solution and enterprise resource planning (ERP)

We specialize in healthcare supply chain logistics, pharmaceutical last mile distribution, warehousing, inventory management audit, supplying, managing, and maintaining technologies/ERP for healthcare-focused organisations in Africa.


Individual Programs


Quarantine Beds


Rescue Meals

Document Management System, Technology And Process.

DHI gives businesses the power to sift through data and high-value documents by metadata and attributes and treat that data according to its regulatory necessity. Not only does DHI open up regulatory pathways by promoting consistent data safety and retrieval, but it gives you the ability to archive content and data automatically by need.
  • Enterprise content management drives personal productivity
  • Intuitive tools and user experiences and process productivity

  • Full integration with lead applications such as SAP® and Microsoft®.

Improving lives, today and tomorrow

Despite the encouraging economic development enjoyed by many African countries during the last decade, many of them are still characterized by widespread poverty and inequality. Health and education outcomes are among the lowest in the world and the continent’s population has insufficient access to sanitation and safe drinking water. DHI objective is also to  prioritize and ensure that Africa’s demographic growth yields significant economic dividends and contributes to inclusive growth.

Be part of a change in the World

An effort made for the happiness of others make us feel better

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